Conviction Zine

A charity zine focused on Diluc Ragnvindr from Genshin Impact.

In creation period!

    Moderating team

    Main Mod | Kiri

    Hey there! I'm Kiri, main mod and professional liker-of-cats. I've contributed to 10+ zines and have moderated 4+ prior to this project.

    My most recent projects are:
    Moderator | Boss B*tch Pin-up Calendar
    Moderator | Crystallize Zine
    Contributor | Musica Universalis Zine
    Contributor | Flowers of Fodlan Zine
    And a good handful more!

    I look forward to working with you!

    Finance Mod | Marina

    Hello everyone, I'm Marina! I'm super excited to be working on this project! Maybe after working so hard for him Diluc will finally come home lol

    Shipping Mod | Taste of Teyvat Zine
    Finance & Shipping Mod | Lupus Minor Zine
    Finance & Shipping Mod | Passion Overload! Zine
    Finance & Shipping Mod | Enchanted! Zine

    Layout Mod | Verz

    A zine contributor turned moderator, Verz wishes to bring her experience as a longtime zine contributor into creating exciting fan projects!

    Graphics Mod | Containment Breach Zine
    Graphics Mod | Earthshaker Zine
    Graphics Mod | PARANORMALCY Zine
    Graphics Mod | Infinite Stakes Zine
    Formatting Mod | Remembrance Zine

    Art Mod | Yeouko

    Hello, I'm yeouko, and I will be your art mod for Conviction! Genshin Impact has introduced me to the zine scene, and I have been obsessed ever since. Although Diluc has yet to come home to me, I can't wait to work with our amazing mod team and contributors to bring Conviction to you all!

    Art Mod | Moonlight Sonata Zine
    Intern | Crystallize Zine

    Writing & CN Communications Mod | Vasiliás

    Hello~ I've been cursed with all of Diluc's supports, but the man himself has avoided my account like the plague T^T I shall feed my lack of him in-game with the good content in-zine! Looking forward to working with everyone~

    Writing Mod | The Gentlemen of Teyvat
    Writing Mod | Fraction of Light
    Writing Mod | Fleurette


    Interest Check Open: March 4th 2021
    Interest Check Close: April 30th
    Interest Check Results: May 3-6th

    Moderator Apps Open: May 10th
    Moderator Apps Close: May 30th
    Moderator acceptance emails sent out: June 2nd

    Contributor Applications Open: June 5th
    Contributor Applications Close: July 18th
    Acceptance emails sent out: July 20th

    First Check-in: August 31st
    Second Check-in: October 1st
    Final Submission(s): November 12th

    Preorders Open: December 3rd
    Preorders Close: January 24th
    Physical Orders Sent Out: Mid-April/May


    Interest Check Results:

    Physical Copies78.6%4.7%16.7%
    Guest Contributors66%4.2%29.8%
    Romance Inclusion26%38.1%35.8%
    NSFW Inclusion29.9%38.8%31.3%

    In accordance with the feedback we've received from our Interest Check, this zine will have the following:

    • Physical Copies

    • Merch (Physical and Digital)

    • Guest Contributors

    • No Romance (Gen only)

    • No NSFW (SFW only)

    Hello and thank you for taking an interest in this project! If you can’t find the answers you’re looking for after reading through our FAQ, feel free to @ or message us via CuriousCat or Twitter.

    What is this zine about?
    This zine is Genshin Impact themed, specifically around the character Diluc Ragnvindr. This zine will be gen-only and will not include any romantic relationships or content.

    Conviction will be fully SFW and have a maximum rating limit of Teen. Sexual content and mature themes will not be permitted.

    So it's all going to be Diluc?
    Yep! Each piece in the zine, whether art or writing, will need to include Diluc in some way, shape, or form. Ensemble pieces are also allowed, so long as the focus stays mostly on Diluc.

    How many contributors are you accepting?
    We’re aiming to accept a total of approximately 40 contributors.

    Quick breakdown of estimated totals:
    Artists: 25
    Merch Artists: 5
    Writers: 10

    Subject to change in the case of high turnout. We may expand the available slots if there are a large number of applications for any of the above categories.

    Who can apply?
    We encourage content creators of all skill levels to apply. All applicants will be judged fairly based on their desired position.

    Please note that, should an applicant be found to support, publicize, or otherwise encourage hateful behavior (ie. racism, homophobia, anti-blackness, etc.) they will be rejected regardless of skill level.

    Is there an age requirement for this zine?
    Yes! Please only apply if you are over the age of 16. Any applicants who apply under the age of 16 will be immediately rejected.

    Can “problematic” people apply?
    While we’re flexible on what type of content contributors like to make for personal works, we will not accept or work with contributors that produce and publicize hateful, harmful, and/or otherwise questionable material (ie. underage, racist, or transphobic content, etc.).

    What content is prohibited/not accepted in apps?

    • Racist, sexist, transphobic, homophobic, or otherwise hateful/discriminatory material

    • Content that encourages or condones hateful acts related to the above themes

    • Underage sexual content (ie. shota/loli)

    • Incestuous content*

    • Plagiarized, stolen, traced, or recolored works made my someone else

    *KaeLuc/LucKae is excluded from this rule, seeing as Genshin's original language describes them as sworn brothers.

    Any applicants and/or contributors found to have been plagiarizing/stealing from other content creators will be immediately rejected/discharged with no compensation (and any applicable pieces will be pulled from print immediately).

    These guidelines and requirements apply to those who are accepted as well and are non-negotiable.

    How are applicants going to be judged?
    Artists, whether digital or traditional, will be judged on their composition, posing, and creativity therein.

    Layout designers will be judged based on the creativity and cleanliness of their submissions.

    Writers will be judged based on grammar, flow, diction, and characterization.

    Will the moderators be making pieces for this zine?
    Moderators may opt-in to submitting works for the zine, but are not required to do so. While we will be contributors in the sense that we will be working to help this project succeed, moderator participation will be voluntary and will not change the announced contributor acceptance count.

    Will the contributors be assigned pieces?
    No, but they will be required to finalize their concept with a moderator to avoid overlap wherever possible. If you would like to be assigned a theme or concept, please note that on your application using the Comments box at the bottom (above Submit).

    Moderators must approve a contributor’s concept prior to them beginning work on their piece(s) for the zine. This includes checking for any potential themes/content that are not clear for print in the zine. Please see the Prohibited Content section of the FAQ for examples.

    Will there be physical copies of this zine?
    Yes! Pre-orders will include options to order a PDF copy, digital bundle, physical copy, or either of our two physical bundles.

    Is this project for charity, or for profit?
    This project is for charity! Contributors will receive a copy of the zine and a full digital bundle at minimum. Should we exceed the minimum break-even point, we will upgrade all contributor comp to a full bundle including physical merch. Remaining profit will be donated to the charity of the contributors’ choice.

    We will not be paying/monetarily compensating any part of the zine team. We are not a for-profit project.

    The charity will be chosen by contributors via popular choice.

    Can we apply to collaborate?
    Absolutely! Applications will have extra fields to indicate if you’d like to collaborate and if you already have a partner (please make sure to note the name on their application) OR if you’d like to be matched with someone to collaborate.

    If you already have a partner, you will have to apply separately. There is no guarantee that both of you will be accepted, so please make sure you’re ready to be flexible in the case your initial plan doesn't work out.

    We are only able to control what we put up on our own account and recommend Muting and/or Blocking us if you'd prefer to not see even the barest hint of content that isn't tailor-made to your taste. You are in full control of the content you consume and have tools at your disposal to make that easier. Please use them.